Kitchen Bundle

Kitchen Bundle

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Introducing the Littlefoot Kitchen Bundle!  Everything you need to fight kitchen grime and keep your kitchen spotless in one convenient package! From your dishes to the oven Littlefoot have you covered.

The Littlefoot Kitchen Bundle includes:

1x Orange & Peppermint Spray & Wipe 500g

1x Limonene Hard Surface Concentrate 500g

2x Limelight Dish Wash 500g

2x Spray Top

1x Pump Top


*Limonene hard surface cleaner is a concentrate and requires dilution for use.

All Littlefoot products are made using only natural, environmentally friendly components to ensure what we make is environmentally conscious and greywater safe.


Our promise to you is that our products have


  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Animal products
  • NO Chlorides
  • NO Nitrates
  • NO Phosphates
  • NO Dyestuffs
  • NO Fragrances
  • NO Petrochemicals
  • NOT tested in animals