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With Littlefoot, we practice what we preach

Welcome back! This week I thought I’d keep it short and sweet and cover refilling! It ties in to what we talked about last week, with the idea of companies being more sustainable and reducing the need for complicated, ineffective plastic recycling.

So I talked about us using glass packaging for individual customers a little while back, but what happens for our bulk customers you might ask? Well, we supply our lovely goods to them in big bulk plastic containers. Plastic you say? But weren’t you talking about the evils of plastic before? Yes, I was, for other less ethical businesses and for those who don’t care about the planet sending out a bulk plastic container and leaving it at that would be the end of it, just increasing the plastic issue.

But not Littlefoot! We are committed to the cause! That’s why once these containers are emptied we collect them back, bring them in to be washed and sanitised then refilled and sent back out! We have closed the loop and practice what we preach by reusing and refilling a resource we already have. We started back in 2018 and still have containers from when we started in circulation, how cool is that!

I hope this post inspires you to keep up your refilling efforts, grab that empty container and get out there and get refilling!

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