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Why Littlefoot?

A simple question we ask ourselves, and one that I answered for myself a few years ago.

There are so many different brands on the market and each one is trying to get the consumer - you - to buy it. They all seem to make many promises and try to say theirs is the best for a variety of reasons. But how do you know that what you are buying is what they say it is?

It has become so hard to try and navigate our way around the supermarket isles, trying to read the containers to see if we can understand the ingredients and generally we just tend to buy the one that looks pretty or is the one that seems to flood the market with advertising so we think its 'on-trend'.

Well, Littlefoot have done the hard work for us. They have trialed and created many different batches to ensure that what we are buying is what it says it is. They have picked the right ingredients and the right quantities to make sure not only is it safe for our bodies and environment but it actually cleans what it is suppose to.

A few years ago, when our family started the path on our zero waste lifestyle, we tried lots of different products, I even made our own - jeepers that was more work than I wanted! I tried the pretty bottles and label products, the more well known products, the expensive products and the DIY ones. I was getting so frustrated, that yes it was zero waste, but I was never 100% happy with how clean our house, bodies and clothes were. It wasn't until I came across Littlefoot that I finally found a product that ticks all of my boxes!

I started slow at first, as many of you know, when changing how we live it, can be a costly switch. But before long, I had switch entirely to Littlefoot. I believed in this product so much that when we had our Zero Waste shop, we stocked almost solely Littlefoot. It was and still is my recommendation when people ask me what to use.

Not only do we use Littlefoot in the kitchen, but I use it on our pets, our bodies and our clothes.

The best part is because I know it is not full of nasties, the kids can even help with the cleaning!

What is your favourite Littlefoot product?

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