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Washing dishes: Everyone’s least favourite chore

I think the title of this post says it all. Washing dishes has to be the worst, most annoying and often gross task that has to be done. Sure you can avoid washing dishes for a day or two, but you are only delaying the inevitable, only making the job longer and harder the more you ignore it. I think its our most hated job because of the frequency with which it needs to be done and how it leaves your hands feeling afterwards.

We’ve all had that moment after washing the dishes. After having your hands soaking in a hot soapy mess, fingers touching all kinds of half-finished food and unknown juices, you rinse and dry your hands to find the skin all pruney, stripped of all natural oils and feeling dry and uncomfortable (just typing that made my fingers itch). Other daily tasks don’t really have that same feeling to them. That is what makes doing dishes the worst.

I know first-hand this inconvenience, this pain. As someone who used to suffer greatly from eczema on his hands doing the dishes for me was a nightmare. So when it came time to develop our dishwashing liquid I drew on my experience doing dishes, how it left my hands and how much I hated it. This was a massive influence on creating a dishwash that was gentler, but still effective, something that people with sensitive skin can use and not want to cut their hands off afterwards. With that in mind I think our Limelight dishwash is a real success. With vegetable glycerine to help keep it soft and nourishing for hands, and natural surfactants and essential oils to help it cut through all that nasty grease and grime, It strikes the perfect balance between being soft on your skin and hard and grime.

Unfortunately, it won’t stop you touching soggy food and hating the dishes haha, it’ll just leave your hands feeling fantastic after doing them. Hey, I’m not a miracle worker, some jobs just have to be done.

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