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Time for a break

Woof, it has been a massive year for me over here. I’ve been working double duty here. Toiling away in my processing room, mixing all kinds of fantastical bodywashes and cleaners, experimenting with different scent combinations and working on new things for you all for the new year, AND writing this super professional informative and handsome blog.

I. Am. Bushed.

I think its time for me to take a quick holiday break, what do you think? Yup, definitely break time.

I hope you guys have enjoyed the blog this year. I hope you have learnt, or taken away the overall message I hope I’m communicating by writing this, I hope that’s not too many I hopes all in one sentence.

Enjoy the end of year holidays guys, despite all the crazy ups and downs this year its been a pretty solid one for me, and I hope you have all had a similarly positive experience. Keep it up and I will see you all in the new year!

Have a happy holiday and a rocking new year!

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