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A Long Overdue Introduction

Hi everyone, I've been putting this off for what feels like forever, but to truly explain what Littlefoot is all about, where we come from and where we are going it looks like I have to start a blog….ugh.

I am just as reluctant to write this as some of you may be to read it, but the truth is a lot of what we do is important. It impacts all of us, how we are living now and how we want our families to live after us. And I need you all to know just how dedicated I am to making sure that the future we all live in is a bright one.

So I guess I should start at the most logical place, an introduction. Hi, I'm Luke, I am the founder and operator of Littlefoot. Most of you reading this probably already know a little about me and what I do from our website

For those of you who have just found Littlefoot or have somehow stumbled upon this blog post consider this your formal introduction to myself and Littlefoot.

I started out as a beekeeper, I got to work outside, enjoy nature but most importantly I was doing a job that I thought was important and needed. Growing up I heard a lot about the plight of bees and how we needed to help them to help us. What more noble pursuit, I thought, than helping out a vital part of our ecosystem. But as I worked I began to notice a bigger issue. Our bees started dying out in some yards, I came to learn it was due to careless use of pesticide and tainted water. This one incident made me re-examine how we used chemicals in our everyday lives.

I started to notice how many different chemicals were in all the products we use everyday, dishwashing liquid, laundry powder, body wash spray and wipe, and how many of these chemicals seemed unnatural. I started to wonder what kind of impact was that having on me, on our waterways? What is the flow-on effect of our rampant use of chemicals?

I got a bee in my bonnet about it and started work to create a more natural option. Not long after I met a brilliant chemist who shared my concerns and my vision for more natural products. Together we created Littlefoot. Our shared vision saw us creating a range of products that were sensitive for the skin and our environment. We eliminated any harmful chemicals, No Parabens, NO Phospahtes, No Sulfates and No Preservatives. What we make is truly natural and biodegrades like nature intended once it hits our waterways.

But it wasn’t enough to create a product that is better for us and the environment it had to be sustainable and packaged in a manner that matched our eco-friendly vision. So we focused on the other two R’s that seem to get overlooked REFUSE and RE-USE. We refused to use plastic bottles and instead pack all our 5ooml products in easy to reuse (and recycle) glass and we supply all our products to bulk stores all over the country making it easy to reuse not just our packaging but any bottles people have at home. We believe that reusing a plastic bottle for as long as possible is one of the best things you can do to help our environment. We believe this so much it's one of the backbones of what we do, collecting back our empty containers, cleaning and sanitising them, and reusing them for the next customer!

With all that in place Littlefoot was on its way and has slowly grown to where we are today. But to enact the change I want to see for the world, to reduce the tides of plastic and needless chemical use we need to be bigger, do more and get our message to the people! And that’s where this blog comes in. This was just an introduction, in future posts I hope to make our goals clear, go into more detail about what we need to do and why we need to do it.

A better future is always possible, small change on a large scale has big results. It all starts with one step, let's take that step together.

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