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The Value of Effort we put into our products

Hello again, glad to see you back! Today I thought I’d let you in on something that you may not know, come closer and I’ll tell you…a little closer, everything we make is made fresh and to order!

That’s right everything that is made here at Littlefoot is made by me to order! Honest to goodness, hand on my heart no fibs. I personally hand make every product that we offer here at littlefoot and in some cases I even go out and deliver these to the stores that have ordered it. A complete package from start to finish, everything has felt my delicate loving touch ;)

But why? You might ask yourself “why would one man go through such a ludicrous and probably difficult and time consuming process?” The answer is simple, because the secret ingredient is love….im kidding, while I love everything I make, the real answer is preservatives. Specifically, a lack of them.

Littlefoot makes no secret of the fact we are a greener option for you and the environment and this is one of the big things that make us the green choice. We know how bad preservatives are and what kind of impacts they can have in our waterways. Once preservative tainted water enters into a water cycle it quickly works its way into a food chain, water is an essential part of life, you think an insect or fish are able to avoid something so prevalent? These impacts might seem small to you, but everything adds up, it accumulates and it all makes a difference somewhere.

So we choose to not add to the bioaccumulation and build up in our waterways by not adding preservatives or stabilisers into our products.

So next time you refill a bottle with Littlefoot remember how much extra work we do to make sure we all get to have a greener future.

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