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The Smell Of Nature

Hello hello! Glad to see you back again, its been another long week here at Littlefoot, working hard to make you all the fresh and natural things you have come to love.

I spent my week enjoying the natural aromas of my room full of essential oils. While I enjoyed the delectable scents they filled my building with as I mixed things together I got inspired for this week’s post. Today I would like to talk about scents, how we make our Littlefoot products smell so good and why we do it the way we do.

The sense of smell is incredibly powerful, it is linked to the part of your brain that stores memory, do you have a favourite smell that instantly takes you back to a moment in your life? Or remind you of a specific person? I have plenty of sense memories like this, one of the strongest is the laundry liquid that my grandmother used to use, I smell it and instantly think of her. I wish I knew what it actually was, but it was such a synthetic perfume that I have no idea what it was actually meant to be.

I didn’t want that for my products.

I wanted them to be specific and natural, nothing vague like “sea breeze” or “fresh meadow”. So when you smell Littlefoots orange and peppermint spray and wipe it is clear and real, maybe you’ll relate it to a hyper clean auntie that keeps a spotless kitchen ;)

This aspect of the product, however, is not the main reason for using essential oils over synthetic fragrances for our products. The reason we use essential oils is because they are more natural and are safer. Synthetic fragrances are made with petrochemicals, contain parabens and phthalates which are harmful to people and are all round not great for us, does that sound like something you want on your skin or in your lungs? I know I don’t.

Essential oils also have the added benefit of therapeutic properties that have been used over the course of human history to aid in everything from easing anxiety to helping us sleep. Different oils have different properties and can be used in all kinds of neat combinations. This is something I would take over synthetic fragrances any day, wouldn’t you?

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