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The joy of gifts, both giving and receiving

When we think of the end of year holidays what springs to mind? Time off? Summer fun? Family trips? If you ask any kids what the first thing they think of when you say Christmas holidays you will probably hear “Presents!” as the loud and clear answer.

If you had asked five-year-old Luke that’s probably what he would have said, current Luke would probably say not having to be in the office for a little bit ha-ha. But seriously, giving gifts is a big part of the holiday, and is one of the biggest offenders for needless waste. From giving silly little stocking stuffers that the kids will enjoy for all of 5 minutes to bigger items full of excessive packing material. Regardless of what kind of gift is being given they all have one thing in common, wrapping.

Unwrapping a gift is a big part of the joy of the holiday, the anticipation of not knowing what’s inside, enjoying the look of excitement on the face of the other person as they tear into the paper. But all that fancy paper and plastic bows end up in our trash. No one wants that. But no one wants to miss out on the fun of opening gifts. So today I thought I’d share some alternatives with you all to get the most out of your gift giving with the least amount of waste.


The traditional japanese art of wrapping with cloth is not only handy for wrapping gifts in a zero waste style but its also adorable! Make or opt for cute fabrics that craft-lovers can reuse in a sewing project, or keep to rewrap a gift for someone else. You could even double the gift by wrapping with a scarf they will love. Furoshiki can dress up the most basic of gifts.


While its still paper it is free from dye and plastics making it a easily recycled option. A no nonsense straight forward approach to present-packing with a roll of butcher paper and a spool of raffia string. Add a splash of colour and a festive scent with some fresh pohutakawa. Easy as, no mess no fuss.


Perfect for the DIY gift maker, whether you fill them with homemade sweets or DIY beauty treats glass jars make the perfect eco-packaging for gifts. Save a variety of sizes, from pasta sauce and jam jars to empty baby food containers or larger pickle jars. Then, wash and dry thoroughly and remove any stubborn labels (maybe with the help of some littlefoot product). Once your gift has been enjoyed, the jar can be easily cleaned out and reused.

Brilliant! 3 great alterntives to that nasty girt wrap. Get wrapping people! And if you have any cool ideas feel free to share them with me over on our social media. :)

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