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The Great Kitchen Debate: Is Cleaning the stove top part of doing the dishes?

Recently in my household there has been some turmoil caused in our kitchen. People are hungry, a hearty meal is made, veges prepped, things fried, a mountain of dishes created. The meal is had and enjoyed, not a problem. The first piece of contention is reached who does the dishes? After that battle has been had a new, slightly more obtuse argument takes centre stage, does the person doing the dishes also clean the stove top?

Now this might seem like a silly thing to write about, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a serious issue to me! (never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be writing about this in my youth).

In my personal view the job of dishes should always fall on the person who didn’t do the cooking. This is contentious to everyone else who takes part in the meal as the workload could be as simple as a single pan and as complex as every kitchen appliance you own. The tricky thing here is cleaning the stove top, does that fall under the I cooked you do dishes bylaw? or should the cook take responsibility for the grease splattered mess they have left in their wake? It is an argument I can feel slowly simmering away in my kitchen.