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Hi again everyone, I’m back again with the next instalment of what is currently the Littlefoot values arc of these blog posts.

Today’s blog won’t be super long because I’ll be talking about sustainability and what it means to us.

The term sustainability is pretty straight forward right? “the ability to maintain a certain level or rate” but the definition we are more used to is “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance”. While both definitions of the word apply to what we do at Littlefoot we think the second is much more important.

When I decided to start doing this I knew it had to be sustainable. It couldn’t just be another venture that added to the pollution and problems we face as a society, no one needs another big business (not that we are all that big) pumping toxic chemicals into our water ways and using unsavoury ingredients in our product.

So I stuck to my guns and committed our formulas to only use cosmetic grade natural ingredients, stuff that is sustainable no petrochemicals, no synthetic fragrances, no palm oil. Everything is natural and ethically sourced.

It’s important for me that we maintain our sustainability because it impacts us all. It improves quality of life, protects our ecosystems and preserves natural resources for future generations. We think that’s something worth pursuing, don’t you?

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