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Spring Cleaning, Not just for inside your house

Last week I dropped some Handy Spring cleaning tips to help you chase away winters leavings. But spring cleaning doesn't end at your doorway; it extends to the outside! With the weather being warmer, it's time to get outside and address your neglected outdoor space. Like many of yours, my outdoors has been neglected due to the cold, wet winter weather. Well, what better time than spring to head out, tackle it head-on, and get that space ship-shape for the incoming BBQ weather!

So here's a few things that need doing around my place (and maybe yours) to give my potential BBQ guests and me a pleasant experience.

Clean exterior windows. The problem with windows is that it isn't enough just to clean them inside to make them look great. Once you're done cleaning the inside (hopefully with the help of Littlefoot's window cleaner), you can tackle the outside, which thankfully will require much less precision as you can rinse them down with the use of your garden hose. Pro-tip: for those in the know, clean the outside first; that way, any marks inside will be easier to see.

Clean your gutters. This is a gross job only masochists love. But it's one that has to get done lest you want water damage in your roof space (trust me on this, been there done that). It's not a job that will make your outdoor living space any more enticing, but it will leave your overall space a lot more secure. Another pro tip: Repurpose old containers as scoops to help you get all that gunk out.