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Spring and you: The ultimate motivation to clean

With winter on its way out and the warmer weather of spring and summer rapidly approaching What better time to do some cleaning?! It is called spring cleaning after all! A time to declutter, get rid of things that no longer “spark joy” (to steal a phrase), and generally get the house and home feeling fresh again after a stale grey winter of being locked inside.

So here's a few helpful cleaning hacks to help get things done you so you can “spring” into summer and enjoy it!

1. Organize your fridge and cabinets with rotating turntables: Who doesn’t want a more organised fridge? After giving it a good clean out try using a lazy susan for any condiments or spreads you keep in there. Easy access means never losing track of what’s already there and doubling up on mayo.

2. Let coffee filters do more than put a spring in your step: Not just for coffee! If you are out of clean microfiber cloths a coffee filter will do in a pinch and is safe to use on delicate surfaces like tvs, just be gentle.

3. Use a window squeegee to scrape pet hair from your carpet or rug: You would be amazed at what your vacuum doesn’t get. For all those fuzzy friend owners try this one out, I assure you you’ll be amazed at what you get off the carpet.

4. Put the spring back in your dirty keyboards with cotton swabs: Be honest, your keyboard is nasty, it needs cleaning, so get into the gaps of those keys with a cotton swab and get rid of that dust. If it’s a particularly filthy thing maybe look at using some alcohol and give it a good sanitise.

5. Recycle old socks to use as dusting mitts: The perfect example of upcycling! Turn that ratty old sock that’s no longer suitable to wear into a tool of dust-busting ingenuity! A fun way to trick the kids into dusting is with sock puppets ;)

And, of course, Littlefoot have all the things you might need to help get the house clean, from window cleaner to toilet cleaner we have it all! Don’t forget to keep it clean and green.

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