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Refuse, Reuse and the things you need to know about it!

Today’s post relates to a lot of stuff I’ve talked about in previous posts and kind of links directly to last week’s post about a better solution to plastic bottles. Today’s topic is the other two R’s the preceed recycle and they are Refuse and Reuse.

So, they sound like simple concepts right? But we as consumers seem to struggle with them. Growing up we have heard about the three R’s (at least here in NZ) through school and advertising, but it always feels like the last R, Recycle, has been held up as the most important of the trio, when in reality it’s not.

For real change to take place we need to embrace the other two R’s:

Refusing is the biggest thing you can do here. Avoiding single use plastics is a big part of this. Investing in your own reusable takeaway containers, refusing straws and shopping at refilleries for certain products are all great ways to Refuse plastics and reduce your own carbon foot print. We heartily champion this and offer all Littlefoot products in bulk containers at your local refiller for you to get your fill!

Reusing is the next best thing from refusing. If you have already purchased a plastic bottle or container, you better use that for as long as humanly possible and when you can’t, maybe find a way to upcycle it. We are front runners in the field of reusing as it is one of the biggest things we do for the businesses we supply, once our containers are empty we take them back, wash them, sanitise them and fill ‘em right back up. We create our own little feedback loop, it’s fantastic and saves plastic waste all round! And with our glass bottles you can reuse those and keep everything green and plastic free!

So, simple as that, take a look around your home and see if there’s anything you could refuse or reuse to get your greener living off to a cracker start.

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