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Our Family

Hi everybody, as promised I am back once again with another piping hot blog post for everyone to enjoy.

Today I thought I would dig a little deeper and start to break down some of the things I believe in, and therefore littlefoot believe in, things that are integral to what I am trying to do and what motivates me to commit to making these sorts of changes.

There are three founding concepts that Littlefoot hold up and use to guide us where we want to be, if you’ve been to our website and checked out our story section you will know that these are Family, Sustainability and Environment. By themselves these words are very broad, abstract concepts, so what I’ll be doing with the next few posts will be breaking them down so you can see what I mean when I say Littlefoot believe in these things.

I figured I’d start with the thing that everyone can relate to and is closest to us all, Family.

Growing up I received nothing but love from my mother, all she wanted in life was to have kids and a family. She did a great job looking after my brother and I. From her I learnt what it meant to care about family. From this love and attention came the need to give back to her what she had worked so hard to provide me. I knew that whatever I did with my life it would help her and the rest of my family too.