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New year, new you

Happy new year everybody! It’s great to see you all again! Well, we did it. We have made it through another hectic year, one full of chaos and uncertainty, but otherwise a reasonable year…mostly.

hope you have all had a restful and recharging break over the Christmas and new year holiday break, really taken some time for you and made the most of it before the inevitable wave of first month of the year work crashes into you. Personally I took the time to reinvigorate my garden, catch up with friends and fall asleep in the sun and get horrifically sunburnt (did you really experience a New Zealand summer if you didn’t get sunburnt?). This was a great break from physical work but I couldn’t stop my mind ticking over for what’s to come for Littlefoot this year.

We are already back at work, for a few weeks now, and I am already drowning in work that the January tide has brought in! A busy start is a great start! But it’s not all mixing and sending orders to keep me busy this month, no, I have been working away diligently on some cool things for Littlefoot.

With a new year comes new year’s resolutions and making them for a business is a lot like making them for yourself, always aim for something that is realistic, measurable and within your ability to do. That’s where my diligent work is paying off, I am already hard at work getting this year’s resolutions underway. Already I have received back and washed at least 84 containers! So The goal of saving more plastic bottles is well underway! There’s a few more things I’m plugging away at but I’ll save that for when its closer to being ready.

So that’s the new year update! Lots of secret, exciting things in the works! I look forward to the rest of the year and all the untapped potential it has, isn’t unbridled enthusiasm and positive energy of the new year great?!?! Let’s all make the most of it before reality comes barging in and telling us to chill out. Alrighty, until next time guys, have a great week and I’ll catch you all soon ^_^

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