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Lights Out: the importance of earth hour

Hi all, hope everyone had a pleasant February and got to enjoy a nice valentine with your significant others! I’m back at the keys today for another blog entry and what an entry it is. This month you may have noticed we have been posting a lot about Earth hour on our social media, so, for this month’s post I’d like to talk a bit about it, how it started, why and its importance.

Now some of you out there might be thinking “Luke, you make cleaning products and soap, why are you talking about earth hour?”, well, While Littlefoot products are made for the home and body they are also made in an eco-conscious manner and include natural ingredients to minimise our impact on the environment. We conduct ourselves in an earth positive way and are making something we think will help us all keep the earth greener in the long run. So what better way to support our founding principles of reducing our impact than by getting behind an event all about reducing our environmental footprint!

So to get everyone up to speed Earth hour started in 2007 as a lights out event in Sydney as a protest to draw attention to the ongoing climate crisis. For one hour participants turn off all lights as a sign of commitment to the planet. The idea behind Earth hour is to highlight the impact we have on the planet by switching off lights, when done on a broad scale it can be seen from space! Seeing large sections of the planet go dark is a powerful symbol.

While it doesn’t sound like much Earth hour has been running for a long time and its continuation has been used as a first step by many communities to do more for their environment. By creating an accessible and easy to achieve for of eco protest it empowers us as individuals and encourages us to do more and take the next step. As fellow eco warriors and believers in reducing our foot print we think that’s brilliant!

So this earth hour take part, make your voice heard and join us in taking that first step to help our planet, I know I will be! ^_^

For more information on earth hour visit:

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