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How do I switch to a more sustainable life?

Is this a question you have asked yourself? Have you wanted to switch to a more Eco friendly product but don't know where to start? Are you nervous about changing from your current product?

Don't stress we are here to help.

'One small change at a time, Can make a huge difference'

This is something our family lives by. We value this in many aspects of our life, be it in the way we treat people, approach a job and just generally live by every day. It is how we started our zero waste journey.

We picked something that we knew we could switch easily without it being a huge challenge in our day to day living.

To start we stopped buying bread, and instead made this every day. Once we had mastered this, and made it a daily habit - so we didn't even really think about it - we then moved on to our next challenge. And before we knew it, we had made the switch to a more sustainable life, without it being any more work than before.

What is one thing you could switch, to make it a daily habit. Remembering to take you coffee cup with you? Shopping at the local famers market? Taking your pantry containers down to your local pantry refillery?

Did you know that you can also take your cleaning bottles down to your local pantry refill and fill these?

I love how Littlefoot encompasses this way of life and makes it as simple as possible for the change to happen. What I love even more about this concept is that if you are just discovering Littlefoot and aren't sure about what products you will love, you can fill your containers with just enough to last a few tries. This way you wont feel you have wasted money, or brought a product that doesn't do what it promises.

But I know that this will only prove to you how awesome Littlefoot is and next time you go to refill, you will fill your container to the brim!

Once you have changed a few key habits then rest is super easy.

If you have one favorite tip to share with others, please comment below.

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