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Handwash not Hand soap: What’s the difference?

So Recently having clean hands has become a major priority in society, I mean, it should always have been a big deal, but in the last year (especially this last month) having clean hands is majorly important.

We have talked a bit about the importance of clean hands in previous blogs, in our social media. We have heard it on the radio and seen ads about it. So I figured that it would be fitting to talk about our our handwash and what makes it different from your everyday soap.

The first thing you may notice is that we don’t call what we make soap. That’s because it isn’t soap, its hand cleanser. This may sound a little silly but there is a difference.

Soap is a mixture of animal or vegetable fat and an alkali solution, Lye/sodium hydroxide. The resulting mixture is left to harden. The result is soap. These soaps are simple and do a good job of cleaning hands, too good even as they also strip away the natural oils that your skin produces. This leaves skin feeling dry or rough, for people with sensitive or delicate skin this can leave hands raw and in some cases split the skin.

What we make here is a hand cleanser. It is not technically a soap, despite doing the same thing, becau