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Glass: A simple solution

Greetings! Thanks for coming back for another blog post, and to those of you just finding this welcome! Glad to see you all here for more Littlefoot goodness.

Last week I finished off a series of posts that broke down the three main pillars of what we do at Littlefoot, why we do it and how it all comes together to make us, well, us. Today I wanted to touch on a key part of any product, its packaging.

When we started out we spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at different options for how to package our 500ml products. We looked at pouches, different types of plastic bottles, old school style milk carton type packaging, loads of options! It took us months of research and testing and hard decision making but in the end we decided on glass.

Why glass? You ask, well, there’s a few reasons let’s start with:

1. Glass is the only easily recycled option: Of everything we looked at glass bottles were the only natural easily reused and recycled option. All the other packaging options we looked at involved plastics of some kind. While plastic “can” be “recycled” the majority of it isn’t or cant, for one reason or another. The inclusions of plant based plastics only confuse this more and make plastic recycling all the more complicated. Meanwhile glass gets ground back down into a fine powder and used in a new batch of glass bottles.

2. Sturdy and easily reused: Some people see glass as fragile, we look at it as sturdy and reusable. While a plastic bottle will get punctured a glass bottle wont, and as long as its handled with care can easily be reused again and again and again.

3. It just looks nicer: Doesn’t a nice amber glass bottle with a aluminium lid look a million times nicer than a cheap looking plastic bottle? With the added bonus of being able to see how much you have left!

After seeing how other companies went on and on about their “green” “recycled plastic” bottles we thought it would be better to do something actually green and go with a properly reusable easy to recycle option. What do you think?

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