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Welcome back once again for another heaping helping of Littlefoot blog goodness. Today I’m going to be tackling the last of our three founding principles. Last week I covered Sustainability, the week before was Family, so that just leaves the final, and potentially most important principle: Environment.

So this principle of Environment and the principle of sustainability are linked by a fairly obvious thread. What we do and how we do it impacts our environment, therefore how sustainable a practice is determines what the flow on effect is on our environment. For example, Palm oil is a no no for any ethical and sustainable practicing business (like ourselves) because of the way land is cleared to make way for new crop. This large level deforestation and damaging of wildlife and their habitat is not ethical, sustainable or good for the environment.

So with that in mind I wanted to make sure that my business wasn’t going to add to this damaging behaviour. We were going to be better for the environment.

We started by looking at what was in the bottles. Most people who use a shampoo, bodywash or dishwash, for example, never really think about what is in the bottle and what happens to the water these things mix with once it leaves our sinks or showers, but we did. We learned about how synthetic products change the properties of waterways, how the preservatives slow down their ability to break down and impact aquatic life and quality of the water itself. This is a major impact on the environment that is often overlooked and ignored, but we confrontedt head on and dedicated ourselves to find a better way.

And find a better way we did! We eliminated preservatives and synthetic ingredients from our products. We keep it all natural, from the essential oils we use