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Bulk options are here!

A little while ago I said that I had been quietly working away on some exciting stuff for Littlefoot. In last month’s post I unveiled what I consider the biggest change, the new look for the bottles, and teased something else. Well, that new thing is ready and good to go, I am pleased to announce our latest offering for everyone at home to make the most of with our NEW Bulk product pouches!

Over the last little while we have been hearing from our customers asking for a bulk option for home, you asked and we’ve answered with Littlefoots Three Litre refill pouch.

To start with we are offering this option for Five of our most popular products, this includes our Limelight Dishwash, Lemon and lemongrass laundry liquid, Orange and peppermint spray and wipe, lemon handwash and Vanilla and coconut bodywash.

We chose to start with these items as they are our most popular, and if you are anything like me you find yourself running out of them faster than anything else around the house.

Like their smaller glass bottle counterparts these bulk options might look different on the outside but still contain the brilliant all nature goodness you’ve come to expect from Littlefoot.

Just like the bulk items you see in your local refill shop these bags are part of our circular economy and when they’re empty we will take them back for reuse, I’ll be back with more info on that in a future post (still ironing out some little details).

So there you have it, a brilliant new option for all you eco conscious shoppers, an even more effective way of saving our environment (and saving a little for your wallet too).

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