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A Zero waste Xmas

Its creeping closer and closer, it’s almost upon us now, the long awaited (and sometimes dreaded) Christmas!

The last couple weeks I talked about keeping that eco-friendly mind-set for the holiday and how to wrap gifts in an eco-friendly way, but I’ve forgotten to address, potentially, the biggest aspect of the holiday. Gifts.

Gift giving is a massive aspect of the festivities, it helps us show appreciation for one another and acknowledge how we feel. Giving gifts is a tricky business, no one wants to receive a bad one, but if you know another eco warrior, zero waste beginner or even someone with a bit of a green thumb here are some great eco-friendly gift ideas that will be sure to tickle someone’s fancy.

1. Reusable waterbottle: The first step for any zerowaster, a quality reusable waterbottle is a must for anyone looking to begin a plastic reduction journey. The perfect gift to get someone into the fold.

2. Bamboo travel cutlery/portable cutlery: Another great gift for your friends & family who like to get takeaways and don’t want the burden of that plastic mess on their conscious. A trendy and fashionable accessory that any foodie would be happy to receive.

3. Glass Jars / mason jars: From storing dry goods like rice and flour to pickling preserves glass jars a zero wasters best friend, not just useful but visually appealing they give any kitchen that kitschy retro vibe all the cool kids are after these days.

4. Metal drinking straw / silicon straw: Another way of helping others eliminate plastic, a replacement for straws is a great small step, especially useful for that one friend who loves a good shake or Boba.

5. Beeswax wraps / soy wax wraps: Whatever little lunchbox needs, a way to get rid of that sandwich wrap. A great gift for busy mums that have a lot of school lunches to pack.

6. Bamboo makeup removal pads: Got an instagramer you know that is always trying out new makeup looks? Well this gift will help them not cause a ton of waste. They come as a weeks’ worth of pads, can be washed and reused and even come with a little bag to wash them in so the machine doesn’t eat them.

7. Pressure cooker: Not the first thing that people think of when trying to go zero waste, but useful none the less. Pressure cookers cook food fast, faster cooking means less energy, less energy means greener planet (also more delicious tender food).

8. Insulated grocery bag: You bike to the market to get your favourite ice cream, it’s a long ride and a hot day, good thing your awesome friend/partner got you an awesome insulated grocery bag to keep your cold things cold or hot things hot.

9. Seedlings/vegetable garden starter set: Everyone knows someone with a green thumb, or a green thumb waiting to be discovered, what better gift than that of perpetual food! Pair this with the gift of jars and you’ll almost certainly be seeing some pickled veges coming your way in the future

10. A Bulk bottle of Littlefoot Product: Nothing says you’re the best like a giant bottle of Littlefoot product, whether it’s a giant thing of dishwash to get them through the mountain of holiday dishes or a delectable bodywash, you’ll find all kinds of excellent Littlefoot products across the country. Find where you can fill your own giant containers here.