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A Zero waste Xmas

Its creeping closer and closer, it’s almost upon us now, the long awaited (and sometimes dreaded) Christmas!

The last couple weeks I talked about keeping that eco-friendly mind-set for the holiday and how to wrap gifts in an eco-friendly way, but I’ve forgotten to address, potentially, the biggest aspect of the holiday. Gifts.

Gift giving is a massive aspect of the festivities, it helps us show appreciation for one another and acknowledge how we feel. Giving gifts is a tricky business, no one wants to receive a bad one, but if you know another eco warrior, zero waste beginner or even someone with a bit of a green thumb here are some great eco-friendly gift ideas that will be sure to tickle someone’s fancy.

1. Reusable waterbottle: The first step for any zerowaster, a quality reusable waterbottle is a must for anyone looking to begin a plastic reduction journey. The perfect gift to get someone into the fold.