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A Heartfelt Holiday Message

It’s here again, that time of year when everyone seems to go mad. We spend a lot of money on silly tat and fancy paper, stress ourselves out with elaborate family plans and always underestimate how many potatoes we will need for the holiday dinner (it’s not our fault, everyone knows roast potatoes are the best part of any roast). Apart from the apparent madness that descends with the season I for one, am happy to have made it this far into the year and am ready to take a break.

So todays blog post isn’t going to be a long winded, heavy handed sermon from atop my high horse on waste during the holiday and what we can do to reduce it (if you’re following our socials I’m sure we have already got that covered, minus the heavy hand and high horse), no, todays blog post is going to be a sincere thankyou to those of you have helped Littlefoot to get to where it is.

Without a dedicated group of customers, we wouldn’t have made it through this year. 2022 has been a harder year than we had anticipated, with the long term repercussions of the pandemic finally hitting home with us. From sickness to massive supply chain issues we here at Littlefoot have had a hell of a year. So to all of you out there that have supported us, thank you, you will never truly know how important you have been in helping not just Littlefoot, but me to get through the year.

Right, now ive got that off my chest I think it’s time for me to go and have a nice cool drink and enjoy some sun. Happy holidays everyone and I look forward to making you all great stuff in the new year!

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