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A beginner’s guide to everything: How to hand wash your dishes with Littlefoot

The title of this one may seem baffling to everyone, you may be thinking “He’s going to tell me how to wash dishes?! I’ve washed dishes before, what a stupid idea”, this is a completely natural reaction. However, we are all different, we all have different techniques and different ways of doing things. By following my simple dishwashing steps you may find a better way to wash your dishes, or think my way is stupid. Now we have that out of the way let’s get cracking!

1. Before you even think about filing a sink with water you need to RINSE. YOUR. DISHES. I can’t stress this enough. A quick rinse gets rid of any lingering drops of food and helps stop your dishwater becoming a cloudy food scrap filled mess.

2. Always use a dish brush over a sponge as sponges are harbours of bacteria and can leave dishes dirtier than when you started (also most sponges are made of impossible to recy