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Our Little Story


If it’s not good enough for our family how could it be
good enough for yours?

Luke - Founder/CEO

Luke McCarthy

Founder / CEO

The man behind the product, Luke makes everything Littlefoot offers. Luke's concern for our environment began with him helping bees as a beekeeper before he widened his horizons and realized there was more he could do. Now his careful eye and delicate touch go into making all of Littlefoots' fantastic natural products, ensuring they are the best nature has to offer.

Founded on three key concepts family, environment and sustainability Littlefoots' goal is simple, provide the best natural products we can while reducing our everyday impact on the environment.

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We don’t just stop at creating an amazing product, our dedication to helping create a greener future goes deeper.
To help stem the tides of plastic that end up in our landfills and waterways Littlefoot take back containers to be reused once they are empty. All our products come in Eco-friendly glass refill packaging.

At Littlefoot we encourage our customers to reuse old empty bottles, the longer you use a bottle the better it is for our planet.

Close the Loop

Littlefoot products are made using an array of natural ingredients, from essential oils to sugarcane cleansers, we make our products fresh with all-natural ingredients.

In order to do this, all Littlefoots products are crafted with carefully chosen ingredients to ensure that what we make is both safe for your family and our planet. This means we don’t use any synthetic fragrances or dyes and keep our products free from toxic preservatives.

At Littlefoot we treat customers like family. If you are brave enough to take a chance on a small business and help keep our environment free from harsh chemicals and plastics we think it’s the least you deserve. Littlefoot will never sell a product that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

All of us here at Littlefoot are passionate about what we do and are working hard to create a greener future for
the next generation of little feet. We hope you feel the same way too.

Ready to join the Littlefoot family? 

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