from a dream to reality...       

Littlefoots inception began with a small Christchurch family and the birth of their son, Joshua.

 Not long after being born Joshua developed an array of ailments including gastric reflux, kidney reflux and severe eczema. Joshua was often covered in painful welts and began to itch so much he would draw blood.

After months of no improvement using increasing amounts of hydrocortisone cream they were desperate to help their son and began exploring a better solution.

Combining Glenda’s knowledge of natural remedies and aroma therapy and Martins chemistry background they took their first steps in creating a more natural solution.

Throwing out the so-called “Baby bath wash” and “sensitive clothes washing powder” and replacing it with their own blend of lavender and carrot oil based clothes wash and bath time lotion, Joshua made incredible improvements within just two weeks!

Since that day they have never looked back, and Joshua is healthier and happier for it.

Seeing how their product helped their son Glenda and Martin realised that it could help others too. Not content with just helping families, but helping the planet they turned their gaze to other household products they could improve and make not only more family friendly but more environmentally friendly.


 Luke McCarthy’s journey towards a green earth began 6 years ago, with beekeeping. Seeing how bees needed our help he went to work to help our most helpful insect friends.

He soon realised that a major threat to bees was people’s reckless use of insecticide and began to see a pattern in how we mindlessly use chemicals that have a wider environmental impact.

He saw this not just in their gardens but in how we clean our kitchens, bathrooms and clothes.

realising it wasn’t enough to just help out bees he set out on a path to help change the way people use harsh chemicals and make them think about how we impact our environment and what it means for the next generation.

After meeting with Glenda and martin, hearing their story and their desire to help people make homes a more natural earth friendly place he realised he had found kindred spirits.

With their passions combined Littlefoot was born.


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