All natural all the time

Littlefoot believe in reducing our environmental impact and making our planet a better place for the next generation of little feet. With a vast array of natural ingredients available, from essential oils to sugarcane cleansers, we are able to make our products fresh with all natural ingredients. This means we don’t use any synthetic fragrances or dyes and keep our products free from toxic preservatives. We also look out for all our animal friends as we use no animal products and the only things we test on are ourselves.

Refill not Landfill

Did you know every year we throw away enough plastic to circle the earth four times! We think that is absurd. That’s why we use re-usable, recyclable packaging for all our products and actively promote and support the act of reusing and recycling, not just with our products but in every aspect of life.  All our products come in Eco friendly refill packaging. At Littlefoot we encourage our customers to reuse old empty bottles, the longer you use a bottle the better it is for our planet!

You want it? We make it!

We can make products the way you want them.  Want a bottle of Hand Sanitizer Gel with Cedarwood Essential Oil?  No problem.  Want your Hand Wash coloured purple with natural grapeskin extract?  You got it. Being small and flexible lets us tailor make our product to fit you. Whats better than all-natural  environmentally friendly products? One where you can customise how it looks and smells.

Friends of Nature

From the family favorite cat and dog to the ever cute rabbits and guinea pigs, Littlefoot believe that animals are our friends. That’s why we are absolutely against animal testing, no Littlefoot product is tested on animals. Our love of animals isn’t just limited to the ones we keep as pets but to all animals big or small, be they fish in the ocean or the birds on our beaches, all of our products are greywater safe and in recyclable packaging to reduce our impact on their environment. We keep our animal friends happy.


At Littlefoot we  know that life can be an expensive ordeal and that sometimes the everyday costs can be high, especially when you are trying to live in a greener more eco friendly way. That’s why we have made sure our prices are low, the more people who choose to use little foot is a another step towards a greener future. saving the earth shouldn’t cost you the earth

Family First

Littlefoot was founded on the principle of family and creating a product that is good for them and our planet. We treat our customers like family. If you are brave enough to take a chance on a small business and help keep our environment free from harsh chemicals and plastics you deserve to be treated like family. Littlefoot will never sell a product that we wouldn’t use ourselves. If it’s not good enough for our family how could it be good enough for yours?


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