Feel clean and refreshed with our range of natural products

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Soft & gentle care
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Naturally soft clothes
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Greener clean
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Our furry friends
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A natural solution
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Better planet

Empty Bottles?

No Problem!

We don't just make better products, we reduce plastic waste! All Littlefoot products go

out in bulk refill containers which we collect back once empty! Littlefoot refills can be found nationwide and are the best/easiest way for you to start reducing plastic waste.       Head to your local store with an old container and fill up with Littlefoot!  


Orange & Peppermint Spray & Wipe

Our promise

With all the nice and none of the nasty our products are naturally great and contain none of the following 

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Sulfates are found in many shampoos and body wash products. These can cause severe skin reactions especially for those with sensitive skin. 

Littlefoot are all about natural products that are better for you, that's why we don't use sulfates, naturally.

Too many phosphates in our water mean polluted rivers. 

We know how much us Kiwis like to enjoy our natural beauty and thought it best we do our part to keep them beautiful.  

Parabens are not only fully synthetic but have been found to be harmful to the human body. We don't want that in our products and we are willing to bet you don't either.

Littlefoot products contain no nasty preservatives, meaning they are better for our waterways and for those of us using greywater systems.

We love animals and believe that our products need to reflect that love. That's why all little foot products are made with no animal material and tested on us only.

Why Choose Littlefoot

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Naturally Scented

Real essential oils to add authentic aroma

Environmentally Friendly

Made and distributed with mother earth in mind

Naturally Gentle

Naturally soft for your skin

Vegan Friendly

Cruelty free? sounds great to me

Affordable Price

Being natural shouldn't cost the earth

Locally Made

Made by local hands for local people

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